Monday, November 5, 2018


When Osá Meyi discovered that the majority of the deities had gone down to the world, he decided to go and see how the place was. There were three Awós, named Age Eni Je Ee Mo Odun; Ala Ra Ra Ije Eemaagbe; Ogbologbo Ekutele Eeje Erin Ogini Ninu Ule.
Osá Meyi was advised to make sacrifice because he was going to practice the art of Ifá among the witches.  He was told to give a male goat to Eshú, a guinea to his Ifá, aand a dove to his head. He made no sacrifice, because he was in too much of a hurry to get to earth.
When he was one of the sixteen sons of Orunmila who decided to go to the world around the same time, he didn’t find the path to the world at the right moment, owed to the big goat that was in the way, which he had failed to give to Eshú. His guardian angel couldn’t guide him because he didn’t sacrifice to it either. His head also couldn’t save him because he didn’t sacrifice the dove to it. For this reason, he wandered aimlessly on the road until he arrived at the last river in the sky before the entrance to the world.
At the bank of the river he encountered the mother of the witches, Iyamí Oshoronga, who had been there a long time, since no one wanted to help her in crossing the river. She also was on her way to the world but she was too weak to cross the small, narrow bridge over the river. The bridge was called Ekokó. Iyamí Oshoronga pleaded with him to help her, but he explained to her that the bridge would not support two people at once.  So she proposed to him that he open his mouth for her to get inside of him. He agreed and she found a place inside his stomach. When he got to the other side of the bridge, he told her to come out, but she refused, saying that his stomach was the appropriate place for her. Here started Osá Meyi’s problems with witchcraft. When she refused to come out, he thought he could trick her, saying that she would die of hunger. She replied that she would not die of hunger, since he had a liver, a heart, and intestine, which were her favorite foods. Osá Meyi understood the problem that he faced when she bit his liver. So he took out his divination equipment and called Ifá to get him out of this problem. Ifá told him to make sacrifice immediately with a goat, a bottle of oil, and white cloth, which he took out of his side bag. He cooked the liver, heart, and intestines of the goat and told Iyamí that he had food ready for her. When she smelled the inviting aroma, she came out of his stomach. Notwithstanding, she told him that she was prohibited from eating in front of anyone.
So he made an enclosure with white cloth and she got inside in order to enjoy the food. While she was eating, Osá Meyi ran off and and tried to find a uterous to put himself in so he could come down to the world. As soon as Iyamí finished eating, she looked all around for Osá Meyi but couldn’t find him. She began to shout his name, “Osasa, Osasa, Osasa,” which is the shout of the witches today. She is still trying to find him.

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