Friday, December 6, 2013

Pataki: When Ogun and Osain Asked Olokun to Forgive Them (Ogunda Leni)

When Olokun came down to the earth he was accompanied by Yewá on the order of Olofin. They lived in the depths of the sea, but one day, tired of the monotony of his environment, Olokun began to turn around and around down there where Yewá also lived.

This disturbance shook up the bottom of the sea and a series of monsters began to come up to the surface. Among them rose a very strange being—very lovely with a beautiful head of hair—who always carried a gold shield and traveled atop the waves.

One day Ogún saw her and fell in love with her, but she was not interested in men, so Ogún, in order to have her, turned to the powers of Osain. The result was that Osain, too, fell in love with her and he couldn’t have her either. He cast a spell upon her so that she would neither be his nor Ogún’s.

This beautiful being, upon contact with the witchcraft, was turned into a serpent with two bodies. Terrified, she called her father Olokun. Upon seeing what had happened to her, he cast himself over the land with boiling whirlpools of fury and a thirst for vengeance.

Osain and Ogún, terrorized, went to the house of Orunmila, who made osode to them, and this Ifá came out, Ogundá Leni, and he told them, “you have to fix the evil that you have done; we are going to the house of Olokun.” When they arrived, Olokun roared with rage over what happened to his daughter Oroná. Orunmila spoke with Olokun and told him that his daughter would be accepted by the world.

Orunmila called Oroná, and without being terrified, ordered her to kneel, and he applied his powers of ebomisi eyebalé abo to her. He covered her with the skin and Oroná was turned into sea foam.

Ogún and Osain begged Olokun’s forgiveness and he calmed down and no longer continued to devastate the earth.

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